Strategy & Design Thinking

I advise and consult with companies and individuals to help give clarity to their brand story and purpose, identify and redefine strategic and organizational issues, and to explore and envision the future of their business or practice.

The starting point for my approach is one of permeable borders and boundaries. I think of design as “cultural invention”, a method for uncovering, shaping and conveying undiscovered opportunities, opportunities which can add value to your brand's business proposition. Through an iterative and hands-on process I work with clients to clarify new perspectives and plot alternative courses of action.


Consulting Packages

Brand Strategy

- Clarify your vision, purpose and mission
- Know your customer through context and research
- Develop your messaging and brand positioning
- Analyze and better understand your competitors and market

UX Consulting

- UX Blueprints
- Wireframing and Userflows
- Persona Development
- Style Guides
- Design Systems

Narrative Strategy

- Gain a precise understanding of your company's narrative
- Construct a detailed strategic plan to direct future choices
- Provide a rallying point for internal alignment
- Set clear standards for consistent messaging to external audiences

Freeform Sessions

- Serve as a dialogue partner to explore and develop ideas
- Collaborate with you to pose essential questions about your projects and methods, adding a strategic layer that can help you rethink your current approach
- Assist in unlocking the flow of ideas, evaluating their strength, and exploring potential outcomes
- Offer fresh perspectives and insights from an external viewpoint

How to Work Together

A nice place to start is with a phone call or video chat. I think it's important to get an understanding of each other and decide if we are a good fit. The next step would be setting up an informal one day workshop to outline the scope of our engagement.

Our collaboration can adopt multiple formats, including structured workshops and consultation meetings, regular but informal video chats on a weekly or monthly basis, or the development of research reports and recommendation proposals. These proposals will be informed by discussions with leaders, customers, and other key stakeholders within your organization.

For example: on a recent project for a trend-forecasting company, I checked in with team leaders and decision makers on a bi-weekly basis to discuss challenges in implementation, improve thinking around the underlying company strategy, and to update them on my ongoing project research. Through this 12 week process I redefined their service proposition and developed the brand story of the organization.

Set up a time to talk on my calendly link, or send me an email at

Studio Anthony Smyrski
Amsterdam +06 41 58 35 33
Philadelphia +01 215 300 7391