Art Direction & Design

I design books, magazines, brand identities, websites, posters and other print and digital products. Regardless of the form, I am aware of the place my projects take in the world and of their life beyond their immediate execution.

Through my collaborations with cultural institutions, city governments, non-profits, museums, Fortune 500 companies, artists, universities, small businesses, publishers, musicians and filmmakers I create exceptional work that is woven into the deeper fabric of our cities and communities.


Outcomes Include


Books, Magazines, and other Publications

My practice started with designing publications. With a specialized eye towards all aspects of print projects, I can help you with the process of making a book, magazine, annual report or other publication. I will advise you on choice of papers, binding, formats and other aesthetic decisions. I can also work with you to find the right printers, publishers, editors, distributors and other partners in order to make your publication a success.


Websites, Ebooks and other Digital Products

Clarity of communication and finely tuned typography are hallmarks of my digital work. I can help you to sort, order and relate your content in a way that tells a compelling story and engages your audience over the long term. I ensure that the site it technologically up-to-date and has a graphically consistent visual presence.


Brand Identity

The identity of an organization, non-profit or business is not simply about a logo. While a logo is a key element, a truly successful graphic identity is inclusive of many materials, both print and digital, that reveal the heart of your company and what it stands for. A robust digital presence and graphic identity communicate this message with a clear voice.

My Approach

My approach to design is straightforward. My work embraces clean typography, well organised layouts, easy to understand user interfaces, clarity of communication and a forward thinking ethos that sees the work as an evolving, living entity.

Design is a process of choices, informed by both personal intuition and objective knowledge. Whether in print or in pixels, I must consider numerous material and technical constraints. In the case of books and magazines, this includes choice of paper textures and grains, inks, size formats and printing techniques. For digital work, resolution, screen size, programming languages, choice of CMS and device type all inform the design decisions I make. These material and technical decisions have great effect on how the visual aspect of any design is perceived by the audience.

As I work, the audience is always at top of mind. Are they reading on a phone while crammed into a subway car, or comfortably on the couch with a tablet or book? What emotion am I trying to convey to them? How should the design I am making be received?

I also bring my personal design aesthetic, style and inclinations into the project. This is why it is important for me to collaborate with clients who share a love of design and understand that the best design isn't just about making things pretty (although that is important!), but it's also about clear thinking and well-defined processes that can make our work and life easier.

My Process

Research & Consultation

This is when I do extensive research and close consultation with my client. During this phase I ask many questions to draw up a rough conceptual blueprint for your project. What are your goals? Who is the audience? What are your long-term hopes for the project? I seek to ascertain a global understanding of your organization, and how the project fits in. This phase usually concludes with a detailed creative brief and a list of objectives.


This is the where I roll up my sleeves and begin the pick-and-shovel labor of the project. On top of my finely-attuned aesthetic tastes, I bring an analytical eye towards clarifying your message and organizing your information. I ensure that my work follows the general line of the goals and objectives that we determined during the research & consultation phase. I also pay special attention to your audience. After all, design is about more than just making something look good — design is finding the best possible means to communicate your message to the people who need to hear it.


Next I will present you with early drafts of my work and pay close attention to your feedback. I want to make sure that what we are creating matches up with your initial vision. I conduct regular check-ins like this throughout the creative process, but it is especially important for me to confer with you after I’ve completed the initial round of creative production. I will continue to listen and take your feedback into careful account as I generate further rounds of work and move towards final approval.


After our preliminary designs are approved, I move into production. I create mechanical files, lock in our designs, launch web pages and applications, and send files off to the printer. I maintain close contact with printers, developers hosting companies and other vendors to make sure that our work seamlessly translates into the final product.


I stay involved following the release of your project, monitoring its performance and weighing this data against the expectations defined during the research & consultation phase. By analyzing early feedback, I can take further steps to enhance the work. I also can work with you to contact distributors, publicity agents, press, and social networking sites to help spread word about your project. I am proud of the ongoing impact of what we make together, and I want your project to stay in use, up-to-date, and just as effective as the day we revealed it to the world.

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