Helping brands engage in the world of gaming


The challenge was to help TwoFiveSix create a website the clearly communicated with two distinct audiences at the same time: a younger generation that was raised on video games and inherently understood the role that gaming played in society, and an older generation that harbored misaligned preconceptions about gaming and how it could be relevant to a general audience.


To better align the website with this goal, I worked closely with the strategists at TwoFiveSix to develop a website that clearly told the story of what TwoFivesix is, how they provide value, how they connect the gaming and commercial worlds, and that showcased their track record of innovative projects working with businesses and cultural institutions around the world. We created a minimal yet playful design that allowed the various content and information that TwoFiveSix generates to tell the story of how play is at the core of many human endeavors.