Red Collective

A bespoke mark for North Carolina’s most experienced real estate brokers and designers


Red Collective is not just a group of realtors. They go one step–make that many steps–further. They are a full service boutique real estate and design agency. The diverse team guides their clients through the process of not only buying the perfect property, but also consults with the client to assist them in selecting the perfect color palette, furniture, lighting and other design fixtures that truly make a house into a home. This process results in the perfect home buying experience, from start to finish.


I wanted to create an identity system for Red Collective that alluded to the sophistication and knowledge of not only local and national real estate trends and best practices, but also signaled their sensitivity to broader trends in the art, design and cultural worlds. This refined awareness is reflected in the choice of the minimal typeface and color palette that is used in all of Red Collective’s corporate communications.


The strong use of negative space and oversized typography, an unusual aesthetic in the world of real estate, allows them to stand out from their competition. It immediately conveys the message to potential clients that Red Collective is unlike any other broker they’ve dealt with before.