My name is Anthony Smyrski and I work as an Art Director, Designer, and Design Strategist.

What I Do

I bring over two decades of expertise in the realms of design, culture, and business. I focus on editorial and publication design for digital and print, crafting distinctive brand identities, and applying strategic design thinking to projects. Originally hailing from Philadelphia, I relocated to the Netherlands in 2017.

Based in Amsterdam, I collaborate with a diverse and global clientele, including businesses, artists, publishers, journalists, scientists, academics, and other innovative individuals.

I work with a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, independent artists and designers, startups, non-profit organizations, as well as museums and galleries. The variety of my collaborators is a highlight of running my own small studio; it ensures that my work is always fresh and engaging. Each client brings new perspectives and learnings, enriching my work. This diversity allows me to integrate insights from various collaborations into all aspects of my projects, enhancing the quality and depth of my work.

As a designer and strategist, I emphasize an innovative consulting approach that melds design thinking with strategic foresight. This unique blend allows me to unlock hidden opportunities and value. My work goes beyond just making things look good; it's about using creative solutions to help people and businesses grow and adapt.

I see myself in my work. I am not afraid of having a distinct viewpoint, and bringing it into the conversation. By posing informed questions, making inspired choices and astutely rearranging the expected, I put my creativity to task and encourage people to see things differently. This process helps me better understand my work and my collaborators, and challenges me to rethink my perspective every day.

The Designer Client Relationship

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that the best work happens in a committed relationship.

I take pride in my unique approach to client collaborations, operating on an exclusive partnership model that's more than just business—it's a shared journey. I carefully select my projects, ensuring that each one receives the attentions it's due. This isn't just about creating visually captivating work; it's about forming a deep, personal connection with my clients.

I believe that the best results stem from truly understanding your vision, your goals, and the essence of what you want to achieve. By limiting my engagements, I can offer a level of dedication and personalization that's rare in the field.

Each project becomes a unique adventure that we embark on together, tailor-making every aspect to ensure that the final outcome doesn't just meet your expectations—it surpasses them, marrying stunning aesthetics with strategic precision. 


My Clients Include:

Uber, TBWA, The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, Princeton Architectural Press, Thames & Hudson, Adidas, Deloitte, W+K, UCLA, Catawiki, Montblac, Yale University, Stephen Powers, Distributed Art Publishers, Nike, Kill Screen, PSFK and Myleik Teele.

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